Sunday, 3 February 2013

If you can survive February, you can survive the year.

Unfurtunately, the weather here is very hot so the outlook is looking grim. The forecast fur this next week is low- to mid-30's. (That's mid-80's to mid-90's in Fahrenheit.) Meowmy says it's days fur staying inside, but I don't agree. I like to be out and about.

This is my nest outside the window. I get a good view of the bird bath from here.

The dogs say it is too hot and they like to spend time inside in the laundry, but I prefur the Great Outdoors. There's lots more things fur me to hunt out there. That's why they call me Hunter, Samson T.

The fishpond attracts lots of little birdies like this kewt Willy Wagtail.

Of course some of the best times are when it gets REALLY hot outside and we light up the barbie. Mmm! The smell of cooking steaks or snags is furry tempting, but I'm too scared of the flames to try to steal one. Usually I get little tidbits later.

It's called the fishpond, but there's no fish!

Meowmy has been working on doing another music video fur me. (Fur those who didn't see my first one, you can find it on my Catster page: ) I can also give you a sneaky preview - my next vid will be an Aussie one (with ME, of course!) to the good ol' Aussie song "Home Among the Gum Trees".

Anyhow, here's an Aussie test fur you - go to and take the Official Lambnesia test to see how Australian you are. All you have to do is look at several pictures and work out whether they are Australian or UnAustralian. (Meowmy got 48% UnAustralian in her results.) I would love to hear what your results are.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, wherefur you are! I'll try to be back with more mews and Aussie-isms soon. Ciao and Meow!

=^..^=  Samson T. Hunter - the Aussie Kitty  =^..^=

What Aussies are doing this month: In Tasmania, the Taswegians are looking furward to the Royal Hobart Regatta on Feb 11th. The Regatta is a series of aquatic competitions and displays held annually in Hobart. It runs fur 3 days and is Tassie's oldest sporting event. And, of course, all the love-birds and purrty girl-cats are looking furward to Valentine's Day on Feb 14th. Now is also the time to clear the Woolies stores out of ice-cream wear yer shorts and thongs.

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  1. It hot here too mate. Love your blog I might be Aussie moggie but I can learn a lot from you about being Aussie. It muggy here at the moment not too hot but Ballarat is know for being cold. Stay cool mate.


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