Wednesday, 13 March 2013

South Australia - The Festival State

Welcome to South Australia!

So right! Almost every town Meowmy passed through on the way to Adelaide had some festival or other on. But she finally made it to the Big Smoke of Adelaide and is sitting there MELTING! (As are we, I might add!) The temperature is in the high 30’s Celsius (high 90’s and low 100’s Fahrenheit) and it is really too hot to do anything. Meowmy arrived in Adelaide yesterday around lunchtime (pity she had to drop the fruit in the quarantine bin at the border). She went from Portland up along a long, boring road until she crossed the border and lunched in Mount Gambier, the first really big town across the SA border, then she went along another long, boring road towards Adelaide. When the city traffic hit, the road was no longer boring!

This was the view along most of the road. MOL`

In the morning at Portland, Meowmy went to look around a little bit. Point Danger, a coastal point just a little bit south of Portland, boasts the only Australasian Gannet colony on Mainland Australia. The gannets usually nest in colonies on islands further out to sea, but they also nest in the cliffs at Point Danger. Unfurtunately, it was the wrong time of year to see the gannets, but Meowmy did stumble (literally) upon a wild echidna. She actually managed to stroke its back gently and it didn’t try to prick her.

Can you see the echidna in the grass?

The Australian Bight is a long, curved portion of southern Australia that looks like a huge bite has been taken out of it – hence the name. The Bight extends from western Victoria into part of Western Australia. The great Southern Ocean shines brightly over the majestic cliffs, lapping gently at people’s feet on some days and crashing mightily on the rocks another day.

The Southern Ocean, as seen from Point Danger

At the place where Meowmy is staying, there is what she calls “a sweet dog” (a term which is debatable). It is a chocolate-brown Curly-Coated Retriever dog with “heart-melting” brown eyes and kewt ears.

Dana the dog

Meowmy’s hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow if it’s going to be cooler. On tomorrow’s agenda is purrobably a trip into the real smokey part of the Big Smoke to see the sights and spend some money.  MOL`  I hope Meowmy rememfurs to take some more pictures fur us, too!

Have a great day, my furiends!

=^..^=  Samson T. Hunter – The Aussie Cat  =^..^=

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  1. Smiley Cassanova14 March 2013 at 19:07

    It looksh like your Meowmy sure ish having a good time! Shorry it'sh sho hot and she had to throwsh her fruit in the bin at the border!:( She wash fury brave to shtroke the Echidna! I don't thinksh I'd getsh too closhe to it! Oh, who am I kidding! I'sh sho noshey I'd hash to getsh in there and checksh it out! MOL! Dana sure ish a cutey!


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